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Best customer service ever

Our motto at EXTRA TV is to provide the best technical support service before, during and after subscribing, in terms of speed and quality of answer, you will always find a quick and useful response to any inquiry or request

Subscription experience

EXTRA TV is keen to provide an hour experience before subscribing in order to check for yourself the quality of the work of the live broadcast servers of the channels and to explore the library of movies and series

The largest library of movies and series

We have EXTRA TV subscriptions on the largest library of content of Arab and foreign films and series that are constantly updated and added to, you will always find the latest movies and series

Watch the latest, strongest and biggest movies
Productions before or immediately after the cinema


Cinematic experience
Live it with all your senses

حول بيتك لسينما و شاهد اكبر مكتبة مسلسلات عربية واجنبية يتم تحديثها بشكل مستمر

حول شاشتك العادية الى شاشة سمارت مع أحدث الأجهزة

Transform your home into a cinema and watch the largest library of Arab and foreign films, which is constantly updated

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Live Arab and Global channels

Arab and global channels broadcast live around the clock, sports channels to follow matches of all world leagues, movie channels, series and news channels with the push of a single button, live broadcasts without interruption, and channels of all different qualities, live broadcasts that suit all Internet speeds without interruption. The need to buy a new device



You can watch your favorite series and movies, all in one application that provides you with carefully and carefully selected content on our application

The latest movies and series in high quality

Watch latest Movies and Series عربية واجنبية و تركية و بلغات اخرى مرفوعة مسبقاً على جهازك  Without downloading، عبر  تطبيق EXTRA TV، ستجد داخل التطبيق مجلدات تحتوي الافلام و المسلسلات high quality Which our team is constantly updating and adding to


The latest series currently available

Cinematic experience

An image closer to reality
Voice or imagination

4K clarity. Eye-catching details dazzle you with darker shadows and brighter lights with advanced HDR formats like Dolby Vision and now HDR10+.3 Everything you watch fits on your largest screen.

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يتوفر التطبيق المشغل الخاص بنا  EXTRA TVعلى متجر جوجل بلاي ستور، لذلك ان كنت تملك اي جهاز يعمل بنظام اندرويد يمكنك تحميل التطبيق الخاص بنا والذي يتيح لك فتح الاشتراك باستخدام اسم المستخدم و كلمة المرور فقط، كما يعتبر افضل مشغل  EXTRA TV

Customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a year

Quick response, ease of communication, 24 hours a day

 EXTRA TVهي الحل الأمثل ان كنت تبحث عن تطبيق لمشاهدة قنوات عربية و اجنبية و افلام و مسلسلات دون مشاكل في البث او صعوبة في التواصل مع خدمة العملاء، يمكنك دائماً مراسلتنا لأي طلب او استفسار عبر مركز المساعدة الخاص بنا و سنقوم باجابتك باسرع مما تتصور


Ease of payment

4K Quality

Fantastic Updates

Quickly switch between channels

Watch live TV channels wherever you are

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