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Question: Does Xiaomi TV Box S support 4K Ultra HD resolution?
Answer: Yes, Xiaomi TV Box S supports 4K Ultra HD picture quality.
Question: Can I control the TV using voice commands?
Answer: Yes, Xiaomi TV Box S has voice control with Google Assistant.
Question: What audio technologies does Xiaomi TV Box S support?
Answer: Xiaomi TV Box S supports Dolby Atmos and DTS-HD, providing an exceptional audio experience.
Question: Able to watch movies for free?
Answer: Or you can install Pluto tv
Question: The box is new but the remote does not turn it on. I need to unplug it and plug it back in to get it to work. Can this be solved?
Answer: Have you tried new batteries? We have two at home and they work well.
Question: Can I watch Indian channels?
Answer: You can definitely watch Indian channels with this Xiaomi Android TV box, there is no doubt about it. It's just a matter of knowing which apps (apks) to download. Google how it's done. There are plenty of videos on how to do this. If you're interested in using Kodi, check it out too. Once you learn to use this TV box and apps, you will love this little box! Good luck and may God bless you!
Question: Can I stream my local channels on my iPhone?
Answer: If you subscribe to a service that has your local channels, you should be able to cast to your phone.
Question: The TV box is much larger, but it can be used for the same reason as it comes with it. What happened?
Answer: It is recommended to use it. Si lo haces, como yo, cadavez que la usas vas ajustes / Información / Reiniciar / Reiniciar y listo. Andara Volando. También revisa que la capacidad de almacenamiento no esté saturado. If the hub is switched to the pendrive that is switched to the original machine. Espero te sirva. Saludos.
Question: How to set up on/off both TV and TV box? Now just turn off the mi boxes.
Answer: Make sure there is HDMI ARC or CEC on your TV
Question: Can the apk be installed? Can mobdro be played?
Answer: Any APK can be installed. Even Mobdro for streaming from Android phone to TV.
Question: Xiaomi mi box s android should it be reproduced by the star channel? Compre el pendoo y el x96 android y no las reproducía
Answer: Mi Si
Question: Can you call Google Assistant to start Netflix? For example.
Answer: Yes. Android TV has Netflix integration with Assistant.

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