How to run subscriptions on the IPTVX application

Request a trial subscription and provide us with the MAC number At first, request the trial subscription, while filling out the application, choose a mag from the list of device type, the system will ask you to enter the Mac number of your device, enter it and complete the application, and so we will raise the subscription for you on your device


This application is used to operate subscriptions, this application is not affiliated with EXTRA TV, and does not contain channel lists, it is only used to operate subscriptions to EXTRA TV on devices iPhone devices  IPAD and Apple TV

Follow the instructions in the pictures to adjust the device settings

The first step


Search for the app in your device's app store




 either Iphone، IPAD، Apple TVDownload the application on the device IPTVX


The second step


After opening the application for the first time and agreeing to the terms of the application, you will see this blank screen exactly as in the image

Drag the window from left to right

The third step


This side window will appear as shown in the image, choose the next option



                                              New playlist                                           

The four step

A screen will appear for you to choose the type of subscription entry, as shown in the image, choose the next option

 Xtream API (domain, user & password)

Fifth step

A screen for entering subscription or trial data will appear in the picture

Enter the data for the experiment or subscription in the fields that will appear to you, you will receive data By e-mail when requesting a trial or when subscribing
Please take into account the accuracy in entering the data, any error in any letter or symbol will not enable you to run Trial or subscription

Login to subscribe

This screen shows you your subscriptions thus You do not need to repeat the previous steps

Every time you want to log in to the subscription, the free version of the application allows you to enter

With only one subscription!
Click on Subscribe to go to the main page

Home page

The main screen for subscription will appear as shown in the image, which is divided into 3 windows


main and Live Channels – movies – Series

change channels

Click on the package name as shown in the image to show you a list of the various packages, then 

Choose the package you want to open, inside each package you will find its channels


EXTRA TV wishes you a pleasant viewing and happy times


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