How to operate subscriptions on the Smart IPTV application

Request a trial subscription and provide us with the MAC number At first, request the trial subscription, while filling out the application, choose a mag from the list of device type, the system will ask you to enter the Mac number of your device, enter it and complete the application, and so we will raise the subscription for you on your device


This app is used to run subscriptions on smart screens from LGThis application is used to operate subscriptions, this application is not affiliated with EXTRA TV, and does not contain channel lists, it is only used to operate subscriptions to EXTRA TV on devices

Find MAC Address


Search for the application in the LG screen app store and download the application, after opening The application for the first time will show you the welcome screen, which tells you that you have 7 days of free trial To app before purchasing it, it also contains Mac Address number Your screen as shown in the picture
 You can also find the Mac Idris by pressing the settings button in red in the bar  below the screen 


 Open the application site from your computer or mobile browser 



App company


2 Write MAC Address



3 Enter the server link that you will receive in the subscription or trial card


 And we fill in the rest of the blanks according to the image and press 







Start Watching

All you have to do is open the app and hold down the reload button or keep pressing At the number (0) on the remote control 
If you encounter problems opening the subscription, follow the following steps

Turn off the screen and unplug it for a minute to empty the cache, then try again
Keep pressing the (Reload) button for a long time, or keep pressing the number for a long time At the number (0) on the remote control 

Purchase the app 


The Smart IPTV application gives you a free trial for 7 days to operate the subscriptions, after the expiry of this period, the application must be purchased from its parent company to continue using the application to operate the subscriptions.

You can purchase the application by entering the official manufacturer's website, entering your Mac Idress number, and completing the payment process on their website.

We would like to remind that the application is only used to operate subscriptions on 

Smart screens and it is not affiliated with EXTRA TV

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