Subscription details in EXTRATV

Subscription details in EXTRATV

See broadcast live Arab and foreign channels 24 hours a day
And a library that contains all Movies and TV shows world, in one subscription


Watch EXTRA TV on any device

On a smart screen, smartphone, tablet, iPad, or computer

Live channels

Live broadcasts of encrypted and open Arab and foreign channels, sports channels, movie and series channels, various TV channels and programs, news channels

Subscription details in EXTRATV It allows you to broadcast live around the clock for all Arab and foreign channels encrypted and open, including live broadcast of sports channels, direct broadcast of news channels, direct broadcast of channels of Arab and international films and series, and all channels of the countries of the world are encrypted and open, all in one subscription Available in all available quality from the main source of channels and with multiple quality options, to allow you to watch all sports events, matches, movies, series and favorite TV programs from anywhere in the world, and without cutting


Watch EXTRA TV on any device

On a smart screen, smartphone, tablet, iPad, or computer

Subscribe in . you may Enjoy watching live broadcasts of Arab and foreign channels, in addition to a library of films and series that works on all smart devices, You don't need to buy a new device To turn on the subscription, you can turn on Playstation subscriptions at smart screen، Smartphone، Tablet، ipador PCAll you have to do is download the subscription launcher application on your device and follow the steps on the Subscriptions activation method page


Arab and foreign films and series

EXTRA TV subscriptions contain a library of Arab and foreign films and series that do not need to be downloaded

In addition to the live broadcast channels, EXTRA TV subscriptions contain a huge library of movies and series It is constantly updated and added to (depending on subscription type) and You do not need to downloadThe library consists of thousands of available movies and series of all qualities (depending on subscription type) and Includes both ancient and modern works (Episodes of modern series are downloaded first-hand according to the type of subscription) It also includes episodes of the most important television programs and free wrestling

EXTRA TV movie library

EXTRA TV Series Library

Features of EXTRA TV subscriptions

24/7 customer service

Technical support around the clock, via e-mail or live chat

EXTRA TV is keen to provide the best service before, during and after the sale, because we are keen to form a special community of subscribers with loyalty EXTRA TV, so we are keen to keep in touch with you both before, during and after subscription, we are interested in EXTRA TV to build a solid relationship With subscribers, because we believe that this relationship is the key to success, so you will always find us available to listen to you and serve you, whether through Email OR Via live chat on our websiteYou will find that the response times to your requests are short and very fast. You will also find a full team of technical support staff available to answer all your inquiries and help you operate the subscription and solve any problem you may face, whether in the site, subscription or application, and we are always happy to hear your advice to us And your suggestions to improve subscriptions and the service provided as a whole

   Talk to the Help Center

You can install an eXtraTV subscription Your on an unlimited number of devices Provided that the subscription is running on one device only At the same time

Learn how to operate EXTRA TV Subscription To watch live broadcasts of Arab and foreign channels, movies and series on different devices by pressing the icon of the device you want to play EXTRA TV Subscription and follow the steps that will appear to you

common questions

Service and subscriptions

We offers you in . TV broadcasting service over the Internet, through a set of subscriptions and packages that allow you to watch all Arab and international channels encrypted and open in continuous broadcasting around the clock, in addition to a huge encyclopedia of movies and series through any device that you can connect to the Internet and through only one subscription - low cost - For all your devices (for example, smart screen - laptop - phone - receiver - tablet or iPad), our subscriptions allow you to enjoy all your favorite TV channels, even encrypted ones, and watch the matches of your favorite team and your favorite movies without interruption and in very high image quality through a group of the most powerful private global servers The company, which guarantees that the broadcast will not be interrupted at all

Allows you in . Watching all Arab and international channels live around the clock and with superior image quality, in addition to a huge library of movies and series in the subscription that do not need to be downloaded, and we are constantly updating and adding channels, movies and series

. تستطيع تشغيل إشتراكات –

On the following devices: Smart Screen


Tablet and iPad



TV Box


IPTV Receiver --

XTREAM Receiver --

The first step: you choose the appropriate package for you and complete the payment process through  Click here


Second Step: After completing the payment process, wait for your request to be reviewed by one of the customer service employees, and the subscription will be activated within a period not exceeding 30 minutes, and you will be notified via e-mail.

When subscribing to EXTRATV . You can run the subscription on one device at the same time, meaning that you cannot run the subscription on two devices at the same time, and that you must turn off the subscription from the first device to be able to run it on the second device. Example: I am at home and I am watching a subscription . On my smart screen, I want to get out of the house and continue watching on my smartphone, I must turn off the subscription from my smart screen first and then turn on the subscription on the smartphone. . Take the action it deems appropriate, such as submitting a warning or permanently dismissing the subscriber
The way to operate the subscription varies from one device to another, depending on the device you want to run on Click here To know the different operating methods on all devices and follow these methods step by step or Click here Contact us if you encounter any difficulty

Offers and Payment Methods

You can click here to find out the latest details of the offers offered by EXTRATV. EXTRATV is always keen to provide you with special offers that suit everyone. These offers vary according to the subscription period, according to the period of the year, or according to the type of subscription: new subscription / subscription renewal
Yes, we use the secure payment gateway Paypal, it accepts most credit cards, so you can pay directly with your bank credit card under the umbrella of Paypal secure and without having a Paypal account.
Through the purchase and renewal page, you can pay the value of the subscriptions, either using a PayPal account or directly with Visa and MasterCard bank cards without having a PayPal account, by paying through our website we will activate the subscription when the payment process is completed directly If you prefer other payment methods, you can contact customer service to pay the subscription fee via bank transfers, Western Union or MoneyGram transfers, in this case, we will activate the subscription when the transfer arrives and not at the moment of payment
Yes, by paying on our website via the subscriptions purchase and renewal page, you can choose the subscription that is appropriate for you and click on the word “Subscribe Now”, then the payment options page will appear, you can choose the last option to pay with your bank card Visa or MasterCard

EXTRATV uses the most secure payment method for the user. The subscription payment page of our website relies on a secure medium to complete the payment process and not directly. This means that EXTRATV is committed not to access or keep any bank information, when making the payment, the required amount goes to the intermediary bank, and then the intermediary bank sends the amount to us, and this is considered to be EXTRATV's policy of not obligating the renewal of the subscription, meaning that you will never be surprised by any subscription renewal that you did not want,

EXTRATV adheres to a policy of no-obligation to renew the subscription, this states that we do not access or keep any bank information for any of our customers, the user voluntarily renews the subscription whenever he wants and the subscription renewal process is done in the same way as buying a new subscription, the user will never be surprised that we have Renew your subscription without your knowledge
Progress  . All of its customers have the opportunity to request a trial subscription for 48 hours before subscribing  . Providing the user with a trial subscription is a condition of the subscription, and with this we guarantee that the user has been able to run the subscription and test it and make sure that it works completely for a full 48 hours before subscribing. For this, the  . Any request for refunding money is rejected after completing the payment and subscription process. The user has the right to request the termination of his subscription whenever he wants to, but the refund process will not take place except in special cases that you . Study it well and have the right to . The decision to accept or reject

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